Every year, the city of London pays rent to the crown for two pieces of property leased in the early 13th century. What is the rent?

  • Eleven pounds, sixpence
  • Twelve horses and saddles.
  • A bed of straw and a single white rose.
  • A knife, an axe, six horseshoe and 61 nails. correct

    No one is quite sure where these properties are located. The oldest, leased in 1211, is believed to be in Shropshire, while the second, leased in 1235, may have been in the neighborhood of what is today the Royal Courts of Justice. But every year, the city pays its rent to the Queen's Remembrancer in the Ceremony of Quit Rents. The knife is supposed to be dull, while the axe is supposed to be sharp. Source: Atlas Obscura

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